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“Creating Sustainable Community Based Development Initiatives”

We believe sustainable development and transformation are essential to ensuring the creation of well-founded initiatives that empower poor, marginalized, and vulnerable people to change their lives and communities. We work to empower them with the tools and knowledge they need that will allow them to overcome the many challenges they face and focus on creating innovative sustainable business and sustainable community based driven development initiatives. It is such well-founded initiatives that create jobs, improve people’s livelihoods, and, in turn, ensure a lasting more prosperous society. As the widely-repeated adage has taught us, IYAU will help provide the hook, or access to it, that then empowers and allows the people to fish for themselves.

Innovative Youth with Action Uganda (IYAU) is a non-profit organization that promotes empowerment of poor, marginalized and vulnerable people for sustainable change through facilitating access to skills development, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, income generation and job creation, Education, HIV/AIDS services, Orphans and Vulnerable children care and support services, Human rights advocacy, Basic Health care Services, Peace Building, Zero tolerance to Gender Based violence, research, and sustainable agricultural practices. We have built experience in leadership, education and training, entrepreneurship and skills development, public health and sanitation, human rights and social justice, environment and sustainable agricultural production, and research and development, thus creating opportunities for alternative sources of livelihood, HIV free generation, Job creation and entrepreneurship development, environmental sustainability, in order to contribute to social transformation in Uganda.

IYAU was founded on the premise that it is critical to elevate poor, marginalized and vulnerable people’s needs and ambitions to take responsibility for their communities. All of the organization’s work aims to contribute to a society that supports and embraces the self-assurance of the poor, marginalised, vulnerable and their communities.

The Direct beneficiaries of IYAU Services and products are: Orphans and Vulnerable Children, People Living with HIV/AIDS, Youth, female sex workers, Ex-prisoners and inmates, Persons with Disabilities, Women and Girls, Ex-prisoners, inmates, Child marriage survivors, Child headed families, HIV + Youth and Children, and widows. IYAU works with churches, human rights activists and defenders, schools, peer educators, community based groups, local governments, prisons, Police, Local leaders, health facilities, Community Volunteers and Community health extension workers.

Innovative Youth with Action Uganda was established and registered under laws of Uganda in 2015 as a community based organization in order to establish and support sustainable community based driven development initiatives which promote active community participation in their own development and are community initiated and driven, that then empowers and allows communities own their initiatives and sustain them. The organization operates in the Eastern and Northern part of Uganda. The organization aims to engage the communities in developing an empowered and socio-economic society by creating sustainable community based development initiatives.

Covid-19 response

Uganda has a robust health sector development plan that seeks to, among other goals “accelerate movement towards Universal Health Coverage with essential health and related services needed for promotion of a healthy and productive life”. The health of the population is central to the socioeconomic development of the country. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly threatens to undermine and derail the gains the country has achieved in improving the health and social-economic development of Uganda.

To ensure that the country responds adequately and mitigates the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Health (MOH) embarked on the development of these guidelines through a consultative, participatory and transparent process with the involvement of all stakeholders. This document will be used in response to the COVID-19 and is the first pragmatic step by the MoH in providing technical leadership in aligning and standardizing national and district management of COVID-19 suspected, probable and confirmed cases. 

In order to comply with the Ministry of Health standard operating procedures regarding the control and spread of the Covid-19 when implementing projects, we ensure that our beneficiaries wash hands with soap and water, use a hand sanitizer, observing social distancing of At-least two meters, and put on masks.

For any information concerning the corona (COVID) pandemic, we refer you to the WHO website:     

 Please inform yourself of the general safety precautions, as well as any regulations in your area.

The WHO website gives you information, status updates as well as material for awareness raising.

 Be safe and healthy.

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